Children Of This City

Children in Phnom Penh have a bigger presence in the streets than any other city I’ve been to. Most parents are busy working, so the children who aren’t lucky enough to be in school have to find ways to entertain themselves.

I didn’t notice any decent playgrounds in the city. I hope the children digging and sifting sand in the photos below were just playing and not doing work of some kind. Child labour is sadly very common in Cambodia.

While out walking one afternoon, I heard loud drumming. Kids were taking part in drumming and lion dancing practice in the courtyard of a temple. Their display had drawn a small audience outside the temple gates.

You won’t go far in Phnom Penh without seeing children playing soccer. All they need is a pair of slippers for goal posts. If they don’t have a ball, they’ll just as happily kick around a slipper instead. They’ll love it if you join in.

Photos taken in Phnom Penh 2016-2017 © Beautiful Diaspora
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